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Don't Go It Alone! Read These Stop Smoking Tips!

If you are trying to stop smoking, having the right motivation is key. The benefits that will come about after you stop are enormous. One or many of them may be just enough to urge you on when things start to get difficult. The benefits of quitting include increased financial and physical health. The health of your family is also improved. Keep reading to quit smoking. Consider using a nicotine replacement-type of therapy. This type of therapy aims to reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, including depression, restlessness, and irritability. The cravings can be overwhelming. Nicotine replacement therapies may help you overcome these cravings while reducing the amount of nicotine in your body. People who use these products have twice as much likelihood of quitting for good as those who go cold turkey. However, do not use those products if you are still smoking.

TIP! Now is the time to stop smoking. Decide to quit today instead of setting your quit date in the future.
A lot of people have an oral fixation and that's the reason that they smoke. If this pertains to you, then you simply need to find other methods to calm that fixation. Many people suggest gum or hard candies to do this. An electronic cigarette has helped many others overcome nicotine dependency. Partner up with people that are trying to quit smoking. If you have a friend who is also attempting to quit, then partner up with this person and provide support to each other. On top of creating a support system, the two of you can find alternative activities to replace your smoking habits together. The ups and downs that you each encounter are things you can share with each other, making the process of finding what works easier.
TIP! Quit smoking gradually. Quitting cold turkey is definitely not recommended.
Frame quitting smoking as something you are doing for yourself, rather than to yourself. This positive frame of mind keeps your eyes on the prize and increases your chance of quitting successfully. Try to mentally picture how much better your life will be, in so many different dimensions, without cigarettes. Repeating these ideas to yourself will help you maintain your motivation and dedication. Keep your motivation for quitting on your mind all the time. This may mean pinning motivational messages on your office wall, or wearing a bracelet that symbolizes your intentions. This can curb your temptations, which are the primary culprits for smoking cigarettes.
TIP! You can start working out, so that you can avoid weight gain when quitting smoking, and to keep your mind off the cigarettes. Exercising will make your stress disappear.

A major factor in terms of quitting will be your positive thinking and your motivation to quit. All you need do is realize how your life is going to be so much better once you have finally quit. Think about how much better your breath will be, how clean your teeth will be, or how much better your house will smell. If the side effects of smoking are not enough to motivate you, think about the many different benefits. Let your friends and acquaintances know you're trying to quit. If many people know you have stopped smoking they will help hold you accountable. You will try to avoid disappointing those people, or falling short of their belief in you. This could be exactly the motivation that you need when the going gets tough.

TIP! The most important thing to do when you want to stop smoking is to make that initial commitment to the change. Make up your mind that your life as a non-smoker begins today.

Your loved ones will almost certainly support your desire to kick a bad habit and get moving with a healthier lifestyle. Ask them to provide you with encouragement and not criticism. Let them know that you'll be moody at the beginning, since your thinking won't be as clear. It is not an easy task to stop smoking and you should make sure your loved one supports you during this process. At least until you are stronger and less affected by those around you, stick to places that do not allow smoking. Try going to the museum or movies with friends. If you go to have a coffee, sit inside instead of on the smoking patio. You can beat cravings by not being around smoking.

TIP! You may have to make at least three attempts to quit smoking. On the first day, attempt to quit cold turkey.

Plan ahead for how you will handle stressful events that might arise. Lighting a cigarette is, for many smokers, an instant reaction to a stressful event. Having a plan in mind for how to handle those stressful moments makes it less likely that you will turn to cigarettes when stress strikes. Having multiple ideas to fall back on in the event the first one does not help enough is an even better plan. Determination, drive, and motivation are what will take you from smoker to ex-smoker. Review your reasons for quitting smoking on a regular basis, so that you don't lose motivation and give up. Follow the advice you read, so that you can stop smoking for good.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stoned mother Drives Of With Baby On Car Roof!

A stoned mother drives of with her baby on the roof of a car

This is to ridiculous I hink this mother really needs t have a careful think about what the heck she is doing!

It's a total discrace to motherhod and should really think long and hard about what she has done in a cold concrete cell!


Catalina Clouser, Pot-Smoking Mother, Drives Off With Baby On Roof

PHOENIX, June 2 (Reuters) - A marijuana-smoking woman was arrested on Saturday in Phoenix after she accidentally drove away with her five-week-old son in a child safety seat on the roof of her vehicle, police said.

The baby fell off the car in the middle of an intersection and was found unharmed and strapped into the seat, said Phoenix police spokesman James Holmes.

The mother Catalina Clouser, 19, was booked into jail on child abuse and aggravated assault charges, he said. The infant was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and is in the custody of state Child Protective Services.

"It appears the suspect put the baby on the roof of the car and drove off, forgetting he was still on the roof," Holmes said in a written statement.

Police said Clouser and her boyfriend had been smoking marijuana in a park and left with the toddler to buy beer late on Friday night. Officers stopped the car and the boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence while driving with the baby in the 2000 Ford Focus.

Absolutely terrible! what do you think? please comment below..

Sanerton Leading The Way Against Tobacco Addiction

Sanertown is among the leaders of the world in the struggle against tobacco addicion

Few other malls on this planet have gone this far to protect their customers, employees, neighbors and everybody else from the effects of smoking as has this mall, and it really is something the whole area and the town should be proud of.  The mall's management is doing a thing like this - an absolute final ban on tobacco and tobacco products throughout the whole property - without regard to their own financial welfare.  They know as well as anybody else does that they will surely lose at least some customers, and possibly quite a few customers, to their own public spiritd, morality-based policy of allowing no smoking whatever on the premises, even though they know perfectly well that some folks will stay home who would otherwise have come to their mall that night.  If we saw more public spiritedness like this among regular people and shop-owners, we would be much father ahead in this strubble against smoking than we are. No Smoking Day event at Sangertown

A state Department of Health program called Bridges to Prevent Tobacco cleared the air for World No Tobacco Day Thursday.

The group set up a display at Sangertown Square, which recently enacted a property-wide no smoking policy.

“The department of health realizes that protecting people from secondhand smoke saves the state thousands of dollars,” said Sue Casanova, coordinator for the Bridges program.

World No Tobacco Day was started by the World Health Organization to educate area leaders and the public about the tobacco industry.

These programs mentioned here are good, because it always helps to educate people about the evils of smoking.  There can never be too many such programs, because, even though you would think the message had penetrated everybody's head by now, it does not seem to have done so.  The proff is that people still smoke.  We also need a little coercion, so to speak, of simply not allowing smoking in numerous places that are public.  The fact that anti-smoking is now the prevalent mode is good., because it sets upthe world in an augthoritarian manner that people just have to respect.  This is especially true for preventing children from taking up the habit.

In addition to World No Tobacco Day, Thursday marked the first day of the implementation of the mall’s new no smoking policy.

Earlier this year, Pyramid Management Company, LLC, the company that owns the mall, announced that all of its properties, inside and out, would become 100 percent tobacco free.

“We strongly believe that this policy will not only support our employees and guests who are sensitive to secondhand smoke, but those who are trying to quit as well,” said Alison Ryan Cahalan, marketing director of Sangertown Square. “It’s inclusive of the entire property inside, outside, all entry points, all hallways, sidewalks, parking lots, construction areas. It applies to our property as a whole.” Read te full story about Sangertown No Smoking Day..

I hope the example that Sangertown is setting has inspired you as much as it has impressed me.  What do you think?  Do you agree with me as about making it illegal to smoke in certain public areas?  My instinct tells me it is right, because some people need that, but I realize others have good reason to differ.  Please let me know - maybe you will convince me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are a major success story.

They have become the method of choice to quit smoking. With all the attention being given to Electronic Cigarettes, people are beginning to wonder if they are really better than all the other quit smoking products on the market.

The simple answer to the question is yes. Electronic Cigarettes are easily the most effective way to quit smoking tobacco and they are providing smokers with better results than they have previously been able to achieve. Smokers who have tired to quit many times, only to fail over and over, are now tobacco free thanks to the Electronic Cigarette.

When a smoker tries to quit using a nicotine patch or a pill, they may be getting the nicotine their body craves but they are missing all the other activities that are part of the deeply imprinted smoking ritual. This is the key to why Electronic Cigarettes are better and more effective. When you use an Electronic Cigarette, you are able to duplicate all the various functions of smoking a cigarette but without actually burning any tobacco.

The Electronic Cigarette looks like a real cigarette, you hold it like a real cigarette, you drag on it like a real cigarette and you inhale a nicotine vapor that mimics the smoke from a real cigarette. This allows you feel as if you are actually smoking but without burning tobacco and filling your lungs with 59 known carcinogens and over 5000 other chemicals. Not only does the Electronic Cigarette help you quit smoking but it is significantly better for you lungs and your health.

If you are looking for a way to quit smoking that really works, try the Electronic Cigarette. It is better for your health, better for your lungs and better than any other method of quitting smoking. Your lungs will thank you, your friends will thank you and your family will thank you for finally giving up tobacco with the Electronic Cigarette.


VIsit Electronic Cigarette Blog

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Are E Cigarettes Are The Wave Of The Future!

I recently found this very interesting, concise, and serious analysis of the fascinating topic of E cigarettes.

E cigarettes are an inherently fascinating product, because they are something new and electronic that the human mind has created for an ancient, famous product that has been around for thousands of years in different forms.  When the Ccavemen first began chewing tobacco, and then the Indians and other tribes began smoking it, who would ever have believed that w would some day see an electronic machine used to mimic the traditional product known as tobacco?  Ecigarettes have now been on the market for some time; they have reached the point at which it is necessary to examine their success in that market, to see how they are doing and what their prospects are.  This article does exactly that: it reviews the latest surveys and statistics to see how likely it is that E cigarettes will survive and prosper.  Every retailer must have this information.  

This little article concisely provides facts and figures in a way that anyone who reads it can use them.

E-Cigarettes Important New Niche Category: Survey

Wells Fargo reports retailer confidence in e-cigs, concern that regs, taxes will slow down growth

NEW YORK -- "I believe that e-cigarettes are a viable category and will continue to grow with the major brands rising to the top … with Lorillard purchasing blu, some validity has been added to the category." This was the response of just one of the tobacco retailers and wholesalers interviewed for Wells Fargo Securities' "Tobacco Talk" survey, according to analyst Bonnie Herzog, but the sentiment was shared by many.

While previous "Tobacco Talk" surveys had also included positive attitudes towards the growing category, Lorillard's acquisition of blu ecigs has further convinced many that e-cigarettes are here to stay.

The May 17, 2012, survey results had 73.1% of the respondents believing that e-cigarettes are not simply a fad, but a lasting "trend," similar to the energy drink phenomenon.

There's good reason for such enthusiasm: one retailer described an impressive 193% increase in sales from the first week to the second week of offering NJoy e-cigarettes at its stores.

Not all retailers have seen such success, but the category is continuing to prove its worth with 2.5 million e-cigarette users, according to industry group Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, and an estimated $300 million in revenue currently at retail, and the possibility of increasing that number to $1 billion in the future, according to Lorillard's CEO Murray Kessler.

We must of course know what those people think who are a bit less positive about it all - it is so early in the E cigarette game that they might turn out to be right after all.


Other respondents were more cautious about the ability of the e-cigarette industry to continue such impressive growth, citing new product boom, the possibility of further U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and the addition of state and federal excise taxes as obstacles to the category.

One respondent went so far as to describe e-cigarettes as an "extreme liability risk," noting the lack of regulation in both the United States and in China, where most of the products are manufactured.

Besides regulation and taxation, just how much space e-cigarettes will take from cigarettes and OTP has yet to be determined; 65% of survey respondents said e-cigarettes are not currently encroaching on traditional tobacco products, as most e-cig companies encourage self-service counter displays. As the category grows, however, many believe e-cigarettes will be required to move elsewhere. While some respondents predicted "other tobacco products" (OTP) as the ultimate landing spot for e-cigarettes, others see cigars as the natural victims of e-cigs moving off the counter, as cigar shelving can typically be adjusted to accommodate a variety of sizes.

Ultimately, the Wells Fargo analysts agreed with the majority of respondents that e-cigarettes are more than just a fad, but are also expecting increased regulation and taxation to slow down enthusiasm.

Or, as one respondent put it, e-cigarettes "are a real opportunity, but not quite up to the hype." Read the full story on E Cigarettes Important New Niche...

How will it turn out for retailers who stock E cigaretes?  My own experience has been neither as good as the most enthusiastic, nor as bad as the unhappiest.  I look forward to reading respnses from other readers,and I shall most certainly share mine with you.  We can all help each other out with this new product, in terms of finding ways to display e cigarettes and sell them.


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Final Shareholder Meeting For Altria Tobacco

It is not that common to find an article that so perfectly expresses what I feel and need to read, but this one does perfectly! Here is a company that is competing with itself, and winning, which is to say, it is losing.  Marlboro, like any cigarette manufacturing giant, is painfully aware of the cultural shift away from smoking, and how that which was once looked up to is now frowned

upon.  And so, what does this compay do?  The only logical thing!  They go into the kind of tobacco business to which people turn when they are trying NOT to smoke!  They make chewing tobacco, cigars, and other things that are known to help folks break the habit.

Altria CEO conducts his final shareholder meeting

Outgoing Altria Group Inc. CEO Michael E. Szymanczyk finished his final shareholder meeting on Thursday much the same way as his first -- fielding attacks against the nation's largest tobacco company.The owner of top-selling Marlboro cigarette maker, Philip Morris USA, held its annual meeting Thursday in its headquarters city of Richmond. It marked the last day for Szymanczyk, who has served as chairman and CEO since March 2008 and in the same capacity for Philip Morris USA from August 2002 through July 2008 before the company spun off Philip Morris International Inc.  "It has been an honor to lead the reshaping of Altria," said
 Szymanczyk, who got choked up during his closing remarks about his 23-year career. "Altria and its companies have experienced significant change since I first joined the company. Change is not new for our companies. They have been successful for more than a century because they have demonstrated the ability to adapt in dynamic industries and to the world around them."
Martin J. Barrington will replace Szymanczyk as CEO and chairman, and David R. Beran will serve as president and chief operating officer.
During his presentation to shareholders, Szymanczyk touted Altria's premium brands like Marlboro and said the company is well-positioned for future growth in a changing industry. In addition to Philip Morris USA, Altria owns U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co., maker of brands such as Copenhagen and Skoal, and Black & Mild cigar maker John Middleton Co. The company also owns a wine business and holds a voting stake in brewer SABMiller.
In 2011, the company saw its net income fall 13 percent to $3.39 billion on lease, legal and restructuring charges. Its net revenue excluding excise taxes fell nearly 2 percent to $16.62 billion. Shipments fell 4 percent to 135.1 billion cigarettes, largely on declines from its premium brands.
However its 2012 first-quarter profit rose almost 4 percent as higher prices and cost-cutting helped offset declines in cigarette volumes. Shipments fell 2.6 percent to 31.1 billion cigarettes, but the Marlboro brand gained market share and ended the period with a 42.3 percent of the U.S. retail market.
"For nearly 60 years, Marlboro has been the cigarette that men smoke for flavor, and adult smokers have been invited to `Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country,'" Szymanczyk said, adding that the company is evolving the brand to try to keep it growing and steal smokers from its competitors.
Like other tobacco companies, Altria is focusing on cigarette alternatives -- such as cigars, snuff and chewing tobacco -- for future sales growth because the decline in cigarette smoking is expected to continue.
Altria also has been forced to cut costs as tax hikes, smoking bans, health concerns and social stigma make the cigarette business tougher. After completing a $1.5 billion multiyear cost savings program last year, the company rolled out a plan to cut $400 million in "cigarette-related infrastructure costs" by the end of 2013 in advance of anticipated cigarette volume declines.
Szymanczyk said cost-cutting "continues to be a priority."
Over the years, the question-and-answer sessions of tobacco company annual meetings typically feature various groups attacking them for selling products that are responsible for about 443,000 deaths a year in the U.S. Szymanczyk's final shareholder gathering was no exception.
"With your retirement, I'm sure you look at your legacy. Certainly you and the company have a passion for success. I'm not sure about satisfying your customers and their preferences unless they all have a death wish," Anne Morrow Donley, co-founder of the Virginia Group to Alleviate Smoking in Public, told Szymanczyk. "At some point in the future, you and the company may indeed be charged with crimes against humanity -- I look forward to that."

But did the CEO break down in tears?  Were his feelings hurt?  Did he feel shame and remorse?  Of course not!  Mr. Szymanczyk is a professional, solid, experienced, heavy-duty businessman, and not some kind of namby-pamby who gets sad when business gets rough.  This man does the most logical thing: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!  He leads a cigarette company whose subsidiaries make anti-cigarettes, like snuff and chewing tobacco!  An example to us all.
The 63-year-old Szymanczyk did not respond to those remarks. He also has declined numerous requests for an interview with The Associated Press.Shareholders on Thursday elected 11 directors to the company's board and rejected a shareholder proposal to have the company disclose its lobbying policies and practices.
Altria on Thursday also reaffirmed its full-year adjusted earnings guidance of between $2.17 and $2.23 per share. It also announced that its board declared a regular quarterly dividend of 41 cents per share. The dividend is payable July 10 to shareholders of record on June 15. More about the Altria CEO conducts his final shareholder meeting...
And so, for moral as well as practical reasons, live likt Szymanovskki  Fight back in the business world, and build your own competition.  That way, you win either way.  If your customers are addicted to your product and cannot quit smoking, you win, but if they are trying to get off by chewing tobacco or putting snuff up their noses, you still win!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wall Street Up In Smoke

Everyone In Wall Street Taking To Smoking?

As the market continues to sink more and more smokers are taking to the streets of Wall St to have a cigarette smoke.
Shame they didnt hear about the electronic cigarette!!

As Wall Street Burns, Smokers Light Up

bussiness-man-smokingOn the day the Dow plunged almost 800 points, Erick Giliberti was doubling down on his smoking habit.
Before the turmoil, says Giliberti, a manager at Deloitte who works with mortgage-backed securities, “I was maybe a pack a week.” Now? “Probably double that…I can’t stare at my computer screen anymore and watch the market collapse in front of me—I just want to get away from it.”
Giliberti was standing outside the Deloitte offices at the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan, furiously thumbing his BlackBerry with one hand and holding a Marlboro Light with the other. He is, he says, “32 going on 55.”
From the Financial Center to Wall Street itself to the shell-shocked (former) Lehman Brothers building in midtown Manhattan, it’s easy to find stressed-out financial workers sucking on cigarettes, and most will tell you they’re lighting up more often. Nobody is thinking of quitting. Read the full story on how wall street is buring with cigarettes
I wouldnt want to be them, anyway Im sure there are enough people that would rather not have to take to the streets for a smoke, try an electronic cigarette and see if that help..
What would you do?

Electronic Cigarettes In Peterborough

Electronic Cigarettes are really taking the public by storm popping up in all parts of the word.

Here is an article i found talking about another electronic cigarette supplier opeing up -  and with HUGE success and take up from the public. It seems that the electronic cigarette is gaining even more popularity allowing smokers to beat the smoking ban while saving money and quitting smoking! its a win win situation and I hope it grows from strength to strength.


Boom for Peterborough firm selling new electronic cigarette device

MD Aaron Taylor is pictured with his team of staff at the Electronic Cigarettes Ltd HQ as they prepare for the move. Photo: Rowland Hobson/Peterborough ETMD Aaron Taylor is pictured with his team of staff at the Electronic Cigarettes Ltd HQ as they prepare for the move. Photo: Rowland Hobson/Peterborough ET

Published on Wednesday 16 May 2012 17:00

A booming Peterborough business specialising in electronic cigarettes is looking to expand after proving to be a recession-beating success.


Electronic Cigarettes Ltd is set to leave its current home in Culley Court, Orton Southgate, where it occupies four units totalling about 2,500 sq ft, for a new 10,000 sq ft premises in Fengate this weekend.

The business began life as little more than a side project for its founders, who at that time had full-time jobs elsewhere.

It operated out of a small unit in Culley Court, based on an initial £1,000 investment, and employed just one person.

A little over a year later, however, it has spread to four units at the same complex, which it has long since outgrown, employs 13 people and is forecasting an annual turnover of an incredible £2.5 million.

Aaron Taylor (28), from Yaxley, who together with Oliver Warburton (30), also from Yaxley, and Ben Potter (21), from Hampton, is a director at the firm, said: “It’s unbelievable, really. You have to pinch yourself from time-to-time.”

Electronic cigarettes are a battery-powered alternative to tobacco-based products.

The gadgets vapourise a liquid in an atomiser, which is then inhaled and exhaled as a water vapour.

Nicotene levels can be varied, with some liquids containing no nicotene at all.

Electronic Cigarettes Ltd imports the hardware, assembles the components, mixes the liquids and sells a range of products across Europe.

Read the full story on electronic cigarette supplier opening in Peterborough...


I think its great that theres a demand for the electronic cigarette - it means people really want to try and kick the habit and trying and wanting is the most important element. 

Please comment below and let me know what you think..

The Electric Cigarette - Replacing Traditional Cigarettes

The electric cigarette is a cheaper alternative for you if you have been smoking for a long period. The nicotine cartridges that come with this device can last longer than 50 cigarettes. This means that a single cartridge can be smoked for a number of days.

This way you get to spend less on your smoking habit and use the money for other useful purposes. This may seem like a frivolous reason to adopt the new technology, given its high initial cost, but when you look at how much you stand to save over a protracted period, then the idea begins to make real financial sense.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Allen Car Stop Smoking Tips Video

This really is a great video by the late and great Allen Carr - he helped many people around the world stop smoking with his methods and hopefully people will continue to benefits for many years to come from his proven and tested stop smoking techniques. 


I wonder what he would have thought about the electronic cigarette!!!


The Concept Of The Electric Cigarette

You may be new to the concept of the electric cigarette and wonder how it works. This cigarette feels like the real deal. It even has a glowing LED bulb that glows bright orange when you inhale at the end of the cigarette. The nicotine is contained in replaceable nicotine cartridges. The nicotine and water contained therein are vaporised by a battery powered atomizer.

The resultant vapor is what you will inhale into your lungs. The electric cigarette delivers pure nicotine into your bloodstream ensuring that you use very little of the mixture. This is the reason why a single cartridge can last for days.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The New And Effective Way To Quit Smoking

Ask any doctor why it is so hard to quit smoking and the answer may surprise you.

 They will tell you that there is much more involved in the smoking habit than just being addicted to nicotine. Over the years, smokers become deeply imprinted on the entire smoking ritual. They become psychologically dependent on holding a cigarette, lighting it and putting it to their lips. Even the feeling of filling the lungs with smoke becomes part of the process.

This explains to a good degree why pills and patches have not been as effective as they should be to help smokers quit.

Thankfully, there is a new device on the market that is showing great promise to help smokers kick the their tobacco addiction.

This effective new device is called the Electronic Cigarette and it is quickly becoming the most talked about quit smoking device ever invented. This wonderful product simulates the entire smoking process without actually burning any tobacco. This allows smokers to satisfy their craving for nicotine without inhaling any cancer causing chemicals. The Electronic Cigarette looks like a real cigarette, produces a harmless vapor to simulate smoke and fulfills all the smoking rituals without damaging the users health. If you want to quit smoking, you really should try it for yourself and kick the habit.