Electronic Cigarettes In Peterborough

Electronic Cigarettes are really taking the public by storm popping up in all parts of the word.

Here is an article i found talking about another electronic cigarette supplier opeing up -  and with HUGE success and take up from the public. It seems that the electronic cigarette is gaining even more popularity allowing smokers to beat the smoking ban while saving money and quitting smoking! its a win win situation and I hope it grows from strength to strength.


Boom for Peterborough firm selling new electronic cigarette device

MD Aaron Taylor is pictured with his team of staff at the Electronic Cigarettes Ltd HQ as they prepare for the move. Photo: Rowland Hobson/Peterborough ETMD Aaron Taylor is pictured with his team of staff at the Electronic Cigarettes Ltd HQ as they prepare for the move. Photo: Rowland Hobson/Peterborough ET

Published on Wednesday 16 May 2012 17:00

A booming Peterborough business specialising in electronic cigarettes is looking to expand after proving to be a recession-beating success.


Electronic Cigarettes Ltd is set to leave its current home in Culley Court, Orton Southgate, where it occupies four units totalling about 2,500 sq ft, for a new 10,000 sq ft premises in Fengate this weekend.

The business began life as little more than a side project for its founders, who at that time had full-time jobs elsewhere.

It operated out of a small unit in Culley Court, based on an initial £1,000 investment, and employed just one person.

A little over a year later, however, it has spread to four units at the same complex, which it has long since outgrown, employs 13 people and is forecasting an annual turnover of an incredible £2.5 million.

Aaron Taylor (28), from Yaxley, who together with Oliver Warburton (30), also from Yaxley, and Ben Potter (21), from Hampton, is a director at the firm, said: “It’s unbelievable, really. You have to pinch yourself from time-to-time.”

Electronic cigarettes are a battery-powered alternative to tobacco-based products.

The gadgets vapourise a liquid in an atomiser, which is then inhaled and exhaled as a water vapour.

Nicotene levels can be varied, with some liquids containing no nicotene at all.

Electronic Cigarettes Ltd imports the hardware, assembles the components, mixes the liquids and sells a range of products across Europe.

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I think its great that theres a demand for the electronic cigarette - it means people really want to try and kick the habit and trying and wanting is the most important element. 

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  1. While this is a good alternative to cigarettes and the lung cancer/emphysema that chronic smoking can cause, nicotine itself can lead to hardening of the arteries, so it's not a "healthy" device per se. It's definitely an better, and can help people that want to quit or give smokers an alternative.Liquid will not accumulate in your lungs. Propylene glycol, the "liquid" in the mixture, is a gas at standard temperature and evaporates on contact. They use it in smoke machines, for example.
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