Wall Street Up In Smoke

Everyone In Wall Street Taking To Smoking?

As the market continues to sink more and more smokers are taking to the streets of Wall St to have a cigarette smoke.
Shame they didnt hear about the electronic cigarette!!

As Wall Street Burns, Smokers Light Up

bussiness-man-smokingOn the day the Dow plunged almost 800 points, Erick Giliberti was doubling down on his smoking habit.
Before the turmoil, says Giliberti, a manager at Deloitte who works with mortgage-backed securities, “I was maybe a pack a week.” Now? “Probably double that…I can’t stare at my computer screen anymore and watch the market collapse in front of me—I just want to get away from it.”
Giliberti was standing outside the Deloitte offices at the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan, furiously thumbing his BlackBerry with one hand and holding a Marlboro Light with the other. He is, he says, “32 going on 55.”
From the Financial Center to Wall Street itself to the shell-shocked (former) Lehman Brothers building in midtown Manhattan, it’s easy to find stressed-out financial workers sucking on cigarettes, and most will tell you they’re lighting up more often. Nobody is thinking of quitting. Read the full story on how wall street is buring with cigarettes
I wouldnt want to be them, anyway Im sure there are enough people that would rather not have to take to the streets for a smoke, try an electronic cigarette and see if that help..
What would you do?


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