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Are Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are a major success story.They have become the method of choice to quit smoking. With all the attention being given to Electronic Cigarettes, people are beginning to wonder if they are really better than all the other quit smoking products on the market.The simple answer to the question is yes. Electronic Cigarettes are easily the most effective way to quit smoking tobacco and they are providing smokers with better results than they have previously been able to achieve. Smokers who have tired to quit many times, only to fail over and over, are now tobacco free thanks to the Electronic Cigarette.When a smoker tries to quit using a nicotine patch or a pill, they may be getting the nicotine their body craves but they are missing all the other activities that are part of the deeply imprinted smoking ritual. This is the key to why Electronic Cigarettes are better and more effective. When you use an Electronic Cigarette, you are able to duplicate all the various functi…

Are E Cigarettes Are The Wave Of The Future!

I recently found this very interesting, concise, and serious analysis of the fascinating topic of E cigarettes.E cigarettes are an inherently fascinating product, because they are something new and electronic that the human mind has created for an ancient, famous product that has been around for thousands of years in different forms.  When the Ccavemen first began chewing tobacco, and then the Indians and other tribes began smoking it, who would ever have believed that w would some day see an electronic machine used to mimic the traditional product known as tobacco?  Ecigarettes have now been on the market for some time; they have reached the point at which it is necessary to examine their success in that market, to see how they are doing and what their prospects are.  This article does exactly that: it reviews the latest surveys and statistics to see how likely it is that E cigarettes will survive and prosper.  Every retailer must have this information.  This little article concisely…

Final Shareholder Meeting For Altria Tobacco

It is not that common to find an article that so perfectly expresses what I feel and need to read, but this one does perfectly! Here is a company that is competing with itself, and winning, which is to say, it is losing.  Marlboro, like any cigarette manufacturing giant, is painfully aware of the cultural shift away from smoking, and how that which was once looked up to is now frowned

upon.  And so, what does this compay do?  The only logical thing!  They go into the kind of tobacco business to which people turn when they are trying NOT to smoke!  They make chewing tobacco, cigars, and other things that are known to help folks break the habit.
Altria CEO conducts his final shareholder meeting
Outgoing Altria Group Inc. CEO Michael E. Szymanczyk finished his final shareholder meeting on Thursday much the same way as his first -- fielding attacks against the nation's largest tobacco company.The owner of top-selling Marlboro cigarette m…

Wall Street Up In Smoke

Everyone In Wall Street Taking To Smoking? As the market continues to sink more and more smokers are taking to the streets of Wall St to have a cigarette smoke. Shame they didnt hear about the electronic cigarette!! As Wall Street Burns, Smokers Light UpOn the day the Dow plunged almost 800 points, Erick Giliberti was doubling down on his smoking habit. Before the turmoil, says Giliberti, a manager at Deloitte who works with mortgage-backed securities, “I was maybe a pack a week.” Now? “Probably double that…I can’t stare at my computer screen anymore and watch the market collapse in front of me—I just want to get away from it.” Giliberti was standing outside the Deloitte offices at the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan, furiously thumbing his BlackBerry with one hand and holding a Marlboro Light with the other. He is, he says, “32 going on 55.” From the Financial Center to Wall Street itself to the shell-shocked (former) Lehman Brothers building in midtown Manhattan, it’s eas…

Electronic Cigarettes In Peterborough

Electronic Cigarettes are really taking the public by storm popping up in all parts of the word.Here is an article i found talking about another electronic cigarette supplier opeing up -  and with HUGE success and take up from the public. It seems that the electronic cigarette is gaining even more popularity allowing smokers to beat the smoking ban while saving money and quitting smoking! its a win win situation and I hope it grows from strength to strength.Boom for Peterborough firm selling new electronic cigarette deviceMD Aaron Taylor is pictured with his team of staff at the Electronic Cigarettes Ltd HQ as they prepare for the move. Photo: Rowland Hobson/Peterborough ET By DAVID SEYMOUR
Published on Wednesday 16 May 2012 17:00A booming Peterborough business specialising in electronic cigarettes is looking to expand after proving to be a recession-beating success.Electronic Cigarettes Ltd is set to leave its current home in Culley Court, Orton Southgate, where it occupies four units…

The Electric Cigarette - Replacing Traditional Cigarettes

The electric cigarette is a cheaper alternative for you if you have been smoking for a long period. The nicotine cartridges that come with this device can last longer than 50 cigarettes. This means that a single cartridge can be smoked for a number of days.This way you get to spend less on your smoking habit and use the money for other useful purposes. This may seem like a frivolous reason to adopt the new technology, given its high initial cost, but when you look at how much you stand to save over a protracted period, then the idea begins to make real financial sense.

Allen Car Stop Smoking Tips Video

This really is a great video by the late and great Allen Carr - he helped many people around the world stop smoking with his methods and hopefully people will continue to benefits for many years to come from his proven and tested stop smoking techniques. I wonder what he would have thought about the electronic cigarette!!!

The Concept Of The Electric Cigarette

You may be new to the concept of the electric cigarette and wonder how it works. This cigarette feels like the real deal. It even has a glowing LED bulb that glows bright orange when you inhale at the end of the cigarette. The nicotine is contained in replaceable nicotine cartridges. The nicotine and water contained therein are vaporised by a battery powered atomizer. The resultant vapor is what you will inhale into your lungs. The electric cigarette delivers pure nicotine into your bloodstream ensuring that you use very little of the mixture. This is the reason why a single cartridge can last for days.

The New And Effective Way To Quit Smoking

Ask any doctor why it is so hard to quit smoking and the answer may surprise you. They will tell you that there is much more involved in the smoking habit than just being addicted to nicotine. Over the years, smokers become deeply imprinted on the entire smoking ritual. They become psychologically dependent on holding a cigarette, lighting it and putting it to their lips. Even the feeling of filling the lungs with smoke becomes part of the process.This explains to a good degree why pills and patches have not been as effective as they should be to help smokers quit. Thankfully, there is a new device on the market that is showing great promise to help smokers kick the their tobacco addiction.This effective new device is called the Electronic Cigarette and it is quickly becoming the most talked about quit smoking device ever invented. This wonderful product simulates the entire smoking process without actually burning any tobacco. This allows smokers to satisfy their craving for nicotine…