Sanerton Leading The Way Against Tobacco Addiction

Sanertown is among the leaders of the world in the struggle against tobacco addicion

Few other malls on this planet have gone this far to protect their customers, employees, neighbors and everybody else from the effects of smoking as has this mall, and it really is something the whole area and the town should be proud of.  The mall's management is doing a thing like this - an absolute final ban on tobacco and tobacco products throughout the whole property - without regard to their own financial welfare.  They know as well as anybody else does that they will surely lose at least some customers, and possibly quite a few customers, to their own public spiritd, morality-based policy of allowing no smoking whatever on the premises, even though they know perfectly well that some folks will stay home who would otherwise have come to their mall that night.  If we saw more public spiritedness like this among regular people and shop-owners, we would be much father ahead in this strubble against smoking than we are. No Smoking Day event at Sangertown

A state Department of Health program called Bridges to Prevent Tobacco cleared the air for World No Tobacco Day Thursday.

The group set up a display at Sangertown Square, which recently enacted a property-wide no smoking policy.

“The department of health realizes that protecting people from secondhand smoke saves the state thousands of dollars,” said Sue Casanova, coordinator for the Bridges program.

World No Tobacco Day was started by the World Health Organization to educate area leaders and the public about the tobacco industry.

These programs mentioned here are good, because it always helps to educate people about the evils of smoking.  There can never be too many such programs, because, even though you would think the message had penetrated everybody's head by now, it does not seem to have done so.  The proff is that people still smoke.  We also need a little coercion, so to speak, of simply not allowing smoking in numerous places that are public.  The fact that anti-smoking is now the prevalent mode is good., because it sets upthe world in an augthoritarian manner that people just have to respect.  This is especially true for preventing children from taking up the habit.

In addition to World No Tobacco Day, Thursday marked the first day of the implementation of the mall’s new no smoking policy.

Earlier this year, Pyramid Management Company, LLC, the company that owns the mall, announced that all of its properties, inside and out, would become 100 percent tobacco free.

“We strongly believe that this policy will not only support our employees and guests who are sensitive to secondhand smoke, but those who are trying to quit as well,” said Alison Ryan Cahalan, marketing director of Sangertown Square. “It’s inclusive of the entire property inside, outside, all entry points, all hallways, sidewalks, parking lots, construction areas. It applies to our property as a whole.” Read te full story about Sangertown No Smoking Day..

I hope the example that Sangertown is setting has inspired you as much as it has impressed me.  What do you think?  Do you agree with me as about making it illegal to smoke in certain public areas?  My instinct tells me it is right, because some people need that, but I realize others have good reason to differ.  Please let me know - maybe you will convince me!


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